Our magazine is strictly dedicate for sharing the stories of gurl artists & their supporters.

Below are the gurls who bring these stories together to share with you. What to submit an gurl art related article or review? Contact GMD.


Diane Lindquist

Diane is Founder & Editor-in-Chief of GMD Magazine. Some of her favorite artist are Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Barbara Kruger, Yayoi Kusama and Brian Bress. She oversee everything GMD Magazine, writes some of the Articles and Reviews, collaborates with Field Trip, and writes her own series called Q&A, where she ask few questions to emerging gurl artist or their supporters.

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Erin Remington

Erin is an Contributor of GMD Magazine. As a recent Master's in Modern Art History, Theory and Criticism graduate, she brings vast knowledge in our current art world. She shares this knowledge with GMD as well as her personal blog, A Finer Eye. Some of her favorite artists are Jame Turrell, Georgia O'Keefe, Dan Flavin, Helen Frankentahaler, Shelia Hicks and Matisse. She collaborates with Field Trip series and writes her own series called Uncover, where she highlights a legend gurl artist career.

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Marina Murad

Mariana Murad is an Contributor of GMD Magazine. She is also a Designer and Art Director by day and writes about culture, art, design, fashion influences her on her blog Design Geek in Heels by night. Some of her favorite artists are Maecel Duchamp, Salvador Deli, Maya Deren, and Louise Bourgeois. She is highly influenced by Dada and Surrealism and she writes Reviews on current exhibitions related to famous or current GURL artist.

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